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Trial PVP & PVE

This is the lowest rank in the guild. It is the rank given to all new recruits upon entry to the guild and it is the “trial” rank on which they will stay during the course of their evaluation period within the guild. Trials should go out of their way to demonstrate their skills, knowledge, and dedication. Whilst on trial you may be given the chance to raid.


This rank is for guild friends and retired raiders etc.


This is the first active raiding rank within the guild and is effectively given to members who prove themselves worthy of this rank.


This rank is for all alts of Empowered.

PVP Team 1

RBG team 1

PVP Team 2

RBG Team 2


This rank is for the officers.

Raid Leader

Officers in charge or raids

Guild Master

Leader & final decision maker


Guild ranks are reviewed on a fortnightly basis by the officers, and promotions and demotions are made accordingly, based on attendance, dedication and performance.


Upon joining Empowered you are free to bring alts with you however flooding the guild with inactive alts will result on them being removed during kick-cleaning-day!


Public applications can be made via the recruitment thread in the public area of our forums.

Teamspeak interview's may also be carried out in place of forum applications.

Private applications can be made by emailing the Guild Leader or Officers directly.

Successful applicants will be placed on trial.

New recruits will be given the opportunity to join raids whilst on their trial period and thus given the opportunity to prove themselves.

Further information regarding the recruitment / application process can be found in the applications threads within our forums.


Ip : Can be found ingame in the INFO tab of the guild window.

Password: Can be found ingame in the INFO tab of the guild window.

Non-guildees are NOT permitted on the TS without permission by an officer.

Trolls and flooding of TS will result in permanent banning.

Being online on our TS server is compulsory for raids.

During raids ALL talk on TS is to be kept to a minimum.

During boss fights, the only people who should be speaking on TS are the raid leaders and anyone who has been assigned to call something.

Spamming the TS during raids will lead to you being removed from the raid and TS server.


The trade channel is only to be used as intended by Blizzard, i.e. for all ‘Trade’ related matters.

Any members found to be spamming the trade channel which could result in action being taken against them or the guild will be subject to removal from the guild.


Whilst role-playing is not required within the guild, we do ask that you respect the rules of playing on a RP server, as laid out by blizzard

In particular, talking OOC (this includes the use of smilies) in /s and /y in capital cities is STRICTLY forbidden.


We are not a PvP only oriented guild. That being said, we occasionally do PVP, which whilst not compulsory, you are strongly urged to take part in, as it not only helps in team building but also the upkeep of guild spirit.

Players are free to PvP as much as they want outside of raid times, however be warned that any player caught “leeching” in a battleground will be subject to serious disciplinary action and ultimately, removal from the guild.


The guild bank is provided for you as a benefit of being in this guild.

Anyone found to be abusing the bank will have their guild bank access revoked, and will be subject to removal from the guild.

Examples of guild bank abuse include things like…

Spamming the bank with unnecessary items.
Taking more than your fair share of items.
Asking officers to give you gold from the guild bank.


Good behaviour is generally a matter of common sense.

Treat others as you would yourself like to be treated; listen to and respect everybody at all times.

This guild is a community and a place of friendship.

The guild operates a zero tolerance policy when it comes to inappropriate behaviour.

Examples of bad behaviour includes such things as personal abuse, sexism, racism, harassment, rudeness, ignorance, arrogance, selfishness, greed, bullying.

Anybody suffering from abuse, be it verbal, textual, or any other kind please record/screenshot it and contact an Officer ASAP.


Your gear should always be maintained to the highest possible available standards.

It follows that the moment you get a new piece of gear; it is your responsibility to ensure it is gemmed and enchanted immediately with the best available gems and enchants to suit your main talent spec.

(Lack of money is not a plausible excuse for failing to comply with this rule.)

Badly gemmed, or un-gemmed / un-enchanted gear is NOT acceptable.

Your talent spec should always be tuned for performing your role within the raid with the maximum possible efficiency, and it is your duty to ensure you always turn up to raids specced both as your main spec and specced correctly (PvP style specs are not allowed)


Invites and Times

Raiding days are Wednesday, Sunday & Monday.

Raid invites are issued at 19:30-19:45 server time.

Raids start at 19.45 ST and finish at 23.00 ST

You are required to attend as many raids as possible per week, especially if you wish to be promoted to a higher rank such as ‘Raider’.

It is your duty to make sure that you are online and ready at invites time EVERY raid day.

If for some reason you know you are going to be late, or cannot attend, you should inform an officer / raid leader immediately and also make a brief post on the AFK forums detailing your circumstances.

If you attend a raid, then you are expected to raid for the full duration of that raid.

If for some reason you need to leave the raid before the raid ends, then you should inform the raid leader at the start of the raid, so that preparations for a replacement can be made in advance in order to cause any downtime.

Whilst the management appreciate that this is a PvP server, and sometimes conflict is unavoidable, ganking of horde players at raid meeting stones during raid times is NOT permitted as this can lead to delays to raid starts.

If you are ganked at a raid meeting stone during raid times, you should inform the raid leader immediately so that they can make an appropriate judgement call as to whether to initiate a return of fire.

It is your responsibility to turn up to raids fully prepared.

You must know the tactics for ALL currently available boss encounters in the game.

You must be fully repaired (i.e. your gear must have 100% durability)

Your bags must be fully stocked with enough consumables to last you for double the duration of the night’s raid. (eg flasks, elixirs, potions, buff foods, and sufficient amounts of mana / health pots etc)

You should have enough gold to fully repair your gear at least twice.


In order to raid, it is a requirement that you have a stable connection to the internet.

If you suffer from disconnects during a raid, then you will be removed from the raid.


If at any time during a raid you find you need to go AFK (eg bio break, other emergency etc), then you should let the raid know immediately.

If you go AFK then you are keeping 24 other people waiting, so keep AFKs to a bare minimum. From time to time, the raid leader may call a short recess, so if possible, try to wait for such breaks to go for your bio breaks etc.

If you are frequently going AFK during raids then your position as raider within the guild will be reconsidered.


Whilst in a raid you are required to behave and perform to the highest possible obtainable standards at all times.

Poor performance such as slacking, over-aggroing, failing to move from aoe’s, not buffing at all or not buffing correctly, slow curse/debuff removal etc will NOT be tolerated.


The following add-ons are MANDATORY for raiding with us…

Omen – Threat meter

DeadlyBossMods or BigWigs – Boss Timers / Warnings etc


If you will not be able to attend a raid, or you know you will be absent from the game for a few days, you are REQUIRED to make a brief post on the AFK forums in advance, to let the officers and raid leaders know any dates you cannot attend and the reasons for your absence.


You must never use someone else to play your account during raids.

If you are found to have played on someone else’s account, or had someone else play on your account during a raid in order without ulterior permission from an officer, you will be removed from the raid.


Account trading is STRICTLY prohibited; this includes buying, selling, ebaying, or any other form of account trading.
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