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Your trial will last approximately atleast 14 days. During that time your performance and attendance is assessed by senior members.

It is up to you if you want to pass your trial
- We raid 19:45 - 23:00 server time Sunday, Monday & Wednesday. Times and days can be extended during progression. You MUST be available for those times !
- Be online for raids and be prepared to join the queue system if not needed when raid invites go out.
- Bring your best game including properly enchanted / gemmed gear and all raid consumables you might need.
- 10man loot will be available to you but core members will have priority.
- Be on teamspeak3 and have a microphone working. Listen to instructions and ask someone if you aren’t sure about anything.
- Have a stable connection. If you keep dc’ing because your brother / sister is downloading movies or your dog keeps chewing through the cable then you need to sort that out. We cant hold a raid up just for you even if its not your fault.

If you follow all the above points but just don’t have the skill we need then you will fail. There is nothing personal about this. You just aren’t good enough for us.

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