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#7290187 Jan 25, 2013 at 11:18 PM
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• 1. IRL Info

a. First name: Saheb
b. Nationality: Saudi
c. Age: 29
d. About me: I love my family .

2. Character Info
a Name: Saheb
b Class: Paladin
c Race: Human
d Armory link:

3. Specs
Main specc: (explain why u have specced like u have in this talent tree)
I always do it like this: see Dream Paragon holypala or Method and just copy them. Some time read tips in,
Off specc: (explain why u have specced like u have in this talent tree)
Same as above.
4. Glyphs
Major: [Glyph of Beacon of Light] (some time change it depend in the fight) [Glyph of Divinity] [Glyph of Light of Dawn] (good for 5-10 mode). All in all it is about the fight needs.
[Glyph of Righteous Retreat] [Glyph of Fire From the Heavens] [Glyph of the Luminous Charger]
5. Rotation
What is your rotation, and why do u use it exactly?
a) Opener: after obtaining 3 holy powers via either Crusader Strike or Judgment I'll use these all on one click (Avenging Wrath, Guardian of Ancient Kings and Inquisition). Inquisition must always be on. trinkets if any.
b) Singletarget: Hammer of Wrath if up or target is less than 20%, Templar's Verdict, Exorcism (if up), Crusader Strike & Judgment.
c) Multi-target/aoe: Divine Storm and Hammer of the Righteous.
6. Relevant addons for your role
Which addons do u use that helps you perform your role? (Dot tracker, hot tracker, cd tracker, etc etc etc)
Mainly, DBM, Healbot, Omincc, Tidyplates and recount. If any addon is needed for your guild I will use.

7. Stat priority
How do u prio stats from gear/enchants/gems?
For holy, Spirit and mastery, please see armory for my reforging.

8. Professions
Empowered require raiders to have/get 2 max level professions that benefit their mainspec in raids.
Which professions do u have atm, and/or which profession will u adopt to better benefit your raid mainspec?
[Jewelcrafting] and [Elixir Master] at max level.

9. Raiding experience
Killed in Vanilla (@60):
Tbc @ 70:
Wotlk/ICC @ 80:
Cataclysm experience @85: Started raiding in Cata.
Current MoP experience:
(We'd like to know which instances you progressed in, and which you got after it was no longer the last tier also)
Please visit my x-guild youtube channel and see my how I play. Frapsed all DS heroic kills.
10. Guild history
Which guild(s) were u in?
Why did u leave your last guild?

Abused Immortality stopped raiding as GM went to Army.
Now I am just in my guild called TwentyFourSeven. I made this guild with brother long time ago around 4 years old. I leaded some raids before, but now I just want to raid with a guild the longest period possible.
11. Why you?
What can we gain by having u as a member?
Matured person who puts guild needs first.
12. Raid times
Empowered raid 3 nights a week (monday -> Wednesday -> Sunday How many raids can you attend a week?
13. Activity/informing:
Its in empowered rules that u/we always inform on forum if we cant show on a raid day. If invited to the guild, will u always inform when u cant show on a raid day?
I log in (Sat-Wed) some time 16:45-17:15 and flixible on Thr and Friday.
14. Your Empowered friends
Do u know anyone in Empowered who can attest to your skills?
No I don't.
15. Additional information?
Additional information that u feel is relevant for the application.

16. UI picture
Link picture of your raid ui
Please visit my x-guild channel in youtube see my frapsed all hc kills in DS.
17. Internet connection
Bandwidth, ping, lag probs, wow freezes, fps in raids?
ms is around 116, no dcs and my pc is decent.
18. Preparation
How do you prepare for new raids/raid bosses that u havent killed before?
Watch fatboos guide or any relevant videos and read raid guides in some websites in addition to wow raid guide.
19. Behavior
we has some simple rules and codes of conduct. We expect all members to know of these rules, and to act accordingly. These are to make sure we all are on the same page, and that we don't offend ppl out of ignorance or spite. Also, how do u handle not getting invited to a raid?
I am happy if my guild is progressing even without me invited in a raid, but I like to prove my worthiness as well :)
20. World of logs
If u have world of logs link that shows your performance on some fights, plx link it here.
21. Where did u hear that we are recruting?
(LFM forum, Darksorrow forum, trade chat, friend (who)?)
A good application will have much higher chance to merit an invitation.
in trade chat.
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#7292661 Jan 26, 2013 at 03:54 PM
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Hi saheb,
We will look into it shortly we just got some officers on vacation thats wy it takes abit longer to reply.And thx for waiting abit :)

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#7298000 Jan 27, 2013 at 08:36 PM · Edited over 6 years ago
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And lets see how you do :)
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#7305162 Jan 29, 2013 at 09:41 AM
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Thank you very much for the trial boss, this holy/dps pala is at your sevice 247.
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