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#7548605 Mar 19, 2013 at 03:31 PM
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1. IRL Info

a. First name: Mads
b. Nationality: Denmark
c. Age: 15
d. About me: Hey my name is Mads im 15 year old and In my spare time i mostly play World of warcraft and sometimes footballs with my friends and also my littlebrother.

2. Character Info
a Name: Delai
b Class: Monk
c Race: Human
d Armory link:

3. Specs
Main specc: Windwalker
1st (Level 15) : I've chosen "Momentum" because of the movement speed after using "Roll", thats making me quite sure that I always gets to the spot in time.
2nd (Level 30) : I've chosen "Chi burst" and to be honest I only use it 1 time on a boss and thats in start, its not a good spell and it got 30 sec cooldown.. :p
3rd (Level 45) : I've chosen "Power Strikes" because every 20 sec it gains 1 more chi by using "Jab" and thats really good for monk.
4th (Level 60) : I've chosen "Leg sweep" because it stuns all targets within 5 yards for 5 secs and that can be useful in raid tho.
5th (Level 75) : I've chosen "Diffuse Magic", thats a nice spell which is really useful in raid too. Diffuse Magic reduce all spell damage taken by 90% which is really good, its useful on some bosses :p
6th (Level 90) : I've chosen "Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger" because it does so much dps. Its just the best talent for Windwalker monk especially for singel target. I would've chose "Rushing Jade Wind" if it was for AOE dps but monks AOE dmg is already fine without.
Thats why I've chosen these talents. :-)

Off specc: Brewmaster. (I dont really use this specc)
I would like to spend another 10 min to tell why I've chosen these talents that I've but its not needed because I never use this specc :-) (Only for faster HC queue) :-)

4. Glyphs
Major: "1st glyph : Spinning crane kick" "2nd glyph : Fist of Fury" "3rd glyph : Expel harm"
Minor: "1st glyph : Zen Fligt" "2nd glyph : Jab" "3rd glyph : Water Roll"

5. Rotation
What is your rotation, and why do u use it exactly?
a) Opener: My rotation... Hmm.. :-p I do what this website says is best, this website tells me how to AOE dps and Single taget dps :
6. Relevant addons for your role
I use Deadly boss mods, MonkEC, Weakaura,
MonkEC Is telling me what to use but I dont use it that much, The thing I use MonkEC to is because it tells me how long time my fx. Tiger palm, Rising sunkick is on the target and uptimes of tiger palm. :)

7. Stat priority
First of all I get my Expertise to 7.5% And my hit to 7.5% Then I go for agility <- Haste <- Crit <- Mastery

8. Professions
I dont got any proffesions on this char atm but my alt got 600 mining 600 skinning for money farming.
9. Raiding experience
Killed in Vanilla (@60): I started in the end of vanilla.
Tbc @ 70: I played pvp on my rogue.
Wotlk/ICC @ 80: I had a long break :-(
Cataclysm experience @85: I wasnt that much raider when Bwd, Bot and To4w was there but when Fireland came I had 6/7 normal. In dragon soul I was 8/8 normal and 6/8 HC :-)
Current MoP experience: Atm I've 6/6 Msv and I had that since start almost :-)
4/6 HoF, havent been there so much.
2/4 ToES, havent been there so much too. :-(
1/12 ToT atm and wanna get more because I dont wanna be one of those low geared people anymore :-p I wanna be serius this expansion :-)

10. Guild history
I've been in some guilds I will say a few that I remember. 1st "Final Evolution" 2nd "Blå Stue" 3rd "Drulen"
Why did u leave your last guild?
My last guild before I had a 2 month break was "Final Evolution" I told them I left because of that break they accepted it and I got kicked. :-) I came back and joined "Blå Stue" which is a Danish guild. Im there as social, and wanna be more than that but they are full on monks. I want to be a raider and they understand me. Im still in there atm untill I find a raid spot. Im also in there as social on my boomkin (pvp druid).

11. Why you?
What can we gain by having u as a member?
You will gain a very nice guy, really social always ready to help. I dont like people that are negative :)
12. Raid times
Empowered raid 3 nights a week (monday -> Wednesday -> Sunday How many raids can you attend a week?
I can play 7 days a week ;-) If you raid more than 7 days a week u must be really special :-D

13. Activity/informing:
Its in empowered rules that u/we always inform on forum if we cant show on a raid day. If invited to the guild, will u always inform when u cant show on a raid day? I will always make sure that atleast 1 of the raid leaders know that I wont come.

14. Your Empowered friends
Do u know anyone in Empowered who can attest to your skills? Wingria and Sheldor has been raiding with me couple of times. :-)

15. Additional information?
Additional information that u feel is relevant for the application.

16. UI picture
Link picture of your raid ui

17. Internet connection
Bandwidth, ping, lag probs, wow freezes, fps in raids?
I got no problems with that, my MS ingame 25-30. Fps 50.

18. Preparation
How do you prepare for new raids/raid bosses that u havent killed before?
I watch vids and read tactics :-)
19. Behavior
we has some simple rules and codes of conduct. We expect all members to know of these rules, and to act accordingly. These are to make sure we all are on the same page, and that we don't offend ppl out of ignorance or spite. Also, how do u handle not getting invited to a raid?
Its no problem, if you dont want me someday its no problem :-) I wont rage and become mad. Im not a negative guy :-)
20. World of logs
If u have world of logs link that shows your performance on some fights, plx link it here.
Im sorry.. I dont have :-(
21. Where did u hear that we are recruting?
(LFM forum, Darksorrow forum, trade chat, friend (who)?)
Nobody wrote in Trade chat, I saw it on Wow-progress because I was searching for a guild and i found you fast :-) And I talked to Wingria, (She was helpful) :-)
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#7553334 Mar 20, 2013 at 12:58 PM
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Hello Mads.
Application read, and everything looks good.
As soon as i have spoken with the officers about it, we will get back to you.

The only thing i really see as a problem about your application is your age.
In Empowered, almost everyone is over 18, and i have in my past had alot of problems with "young" players. - because of this, IF your getting accepted - make sure you act mature during raidtimes and in guildchat. :)

We are currently having a WW monk, but we will see if we can find a spot for you.

Getting back to you shortly .


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#7553925 Mar 20, 2013 at 03:06 PM
Hello, thanks for reading :-)

About my age.. I'm wont be a little mad kid, I'm serius while raiding :)
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#7564022 Mar 22, 2013 at 01:01 PM
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Due to the fact that we have an exellent monk dps - and basicly not are in need of another we can't accept you. We wont be able to give you a raidspot.

I wish you be best of luck finding a guild suiting you !

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