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#7578371 Mar 25, 2013 at 05:37 PM
1. IRL Info

a. First name: Nikola
b. Nationality: Macedonian
c. Age: 18
d. About me: I'm a student in a high school and most of my time im wasting with my girlfriend or pc games(WoW).

2. Character Info
a Name: Nela
b Class: Priest
c Race: Human
d Armory link:

3. Specs
Main specc: (explain why u have specced like u have in this talent tree)
Shadow, I've searching from guides and other shadow priests than I was testing some of em and this one is the best for me.
Off specc: (explain why u have specced like u have in this talent tree)
Holy, but I'm out of gear cause I was playing this priest for pvp.
4. Glyphs
Major: [Glyph of Dark Binding] [Glyph of Reflective Shield] [Glyph of Levitate]
Minor: [Glyph of the Heavens] [Glyph of Dark Archangel] [Glyph of Shadow Ravens]

5. Rotation
What is your rotation, and why do u use it exactly?
a) Opener: I will explain how do I open singletarget and multi-target/aoe down there.
b) Singletarget: Devouring Plague with 3 Shadow Orbs.
Mind Flay with Devouring Plague on the target.
Shadow Word: Death when target is below 20% health.
Generates Shadow Orbs.
Mind Blast on cooldown.
Generates Shadow Orbs.
Shadow Word: Pain Maintain at all times.
Vampiric Touch Maintain at all times.
Halo on cooldown.
Mind Flay as a filler spell.
c) Multi-target/aoe:Mind Sear
With < 6 targets, apply Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric Touch to all targets and continue with the single target rotation but use Mind Sear as a filler instead of Mind Flay. With 6+ targets, simply channel Mind Sear on one of the targets (or the tank if they're in range of the mobs)
6. Relevant addons for your role
Which addons do u use that helps you perform your role? (Dot tracker, hot tracker, cd tracker, etc etc etc)

7. Stat priority
How do u prio stats from gear/enchants/gems?
15% Spell Hit (Hit | Spirit) > Haste (Breakpoint) > Crit = Mastery > Haste (Past Breakpoint)
8. Professions
Empowered require raiders to have/get 2 max level professions that benefit their mainspec in raids.
Which professions do u have atm, and/or which profession will u adopt to better benefit your raid mainspec?

9. Raiding experience
Killed in Vanilla (@60):None
Tbc @ 70: Mag, GL, SSC, TK
Wotlk/ICC @ 80: EoE, OS 2D, Naxx, ToC and ICC
Cataclysm experience @85: BD, BoT, TotFW, DS
Current MoP experience: HoF 6/6 MSV 3/6HC ToES 3/4
(We'd like to know which instances you progressed in, and which you got after it was no longer the last tier also)

10. Guild history
Which guild(s) were u in? I came on Darksorrow in Cata and I was raiding with Awaken on my mage. In 5.0/5.1 I was raiding with SOD on my monk
Why did u leave your last guild?
Last guild was SOD and they migrated on Tarren Mill i think.
11. Why you?
What can we gain by having u as a member?
I'm a good raider that is always trying to help the guild for future progression.
12. Raid times
Empowered raid 3 nights a week (monday -> Wednesday -> Sunday How many raids can you attend a week?
3 times ofcourse, but sometimes I may be busy so I will inform you about that.
13. Activity/informing:
Its in empowered rules that u/we always inform on forum if we cant show on a raid day. If invited to the guild, will u always inform when u cant show on a raid day?
Yes as I said I will inform you about that.
14. Your Empowered friends
Do u know anyone in Empowered who can attest to your skills?
No, I am new at Darksorrow Alliance. :)
15. Additional information?
Additional information that u feel is relevant for the application.
I have 2 proffesions: Tailoring/Enchanting both are 600.
16. UI picture
Link picture of your raid ui
I need to fix it cause im new at raiding on this caracter, i was playing only pvp on this one.
17. Internet connection
Bandwidth, ping, lag probs, wow freezes, fps in raids?
12mbps cable net but its stable and i dont have any problems with lag at all. Also my wow is stable (no wow freezes).
18. Preparation
How do you prepare for new raids/raid bosses that u havent killed before?
I'm reading tacts and watching videos, also if some of my friend have done him im asking them also.
19. Behavior
we has some simple rules and codes of conduct. We expect all members to know of these rules, and to act accordingly. These are to make sure we all are on the same page, and that we don't offend ppl out of ignorance or spite. Also, how do u handle not getting invited to a raid?
I think I won't have a problems of that sort and also I'm not mad if you don't invite me on the raid, actually i agree with it if we need a specific kind of setup for that progression.
20. World of logs
If u have world of logs link that shows your performance on some fights, plx link it here. As I said i've never been raiding before on this caracter. So I don't have any. :\
21. Where did u hear that we are recruting?
(LFM forum, Darksorrow forum, trade chat, friend (who)?)
WoWProgress/Trade chat
A good application will have much higher chance to merit an invitation.
Also if i forgot something feel free to ask me here or ingame.
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#7578571 Mar 25, 2013 at 06:18 PM
Guild Leader
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Hi Nikola,

Thanks for the application, a few comments...

First of all the experience as a raider seems good however as this raiding experience hasn't been on your priest this worries me a little let me try to explain.

As a shadow priest you will find your pretty much changing talents every boss encounter and sometimes your glyphs also (but less so) now you mentioned that you tired a few specs and found that your current one worked best for you, I took from this that you would you then use this spec all round which just won't work on a lot of encounters. (this is where the experience would come in).

E.g. Twist of Faith when there are a lot of adds in the encounter where you can keep a high up time on this buff its some OP stuff :)

Halo - Yes best single target dps spell and aoe for that matter but its only any use when used at the optimal range which is not always possible so Cascade can also be a very good choice.

Your current Major Glyphs are very poor for raiding also:

Glyph of Mind Spike is pretty much mandatory.

The other two will depend on the encounter:

Glyph of Mind Flay very useful you will get pretty much 100% up time on the movement speed buff

Glyph of Vambric Embrace also very nice for high damage fights to help the healers out the healing this thing does is insane :) after a shadow priest brings a lot of utility to a raid and the healing cool downs is one great thing about having a shadow priest in your raid group.

Rotation seems fine shadow is very much priority based than anything else but be sure to be clipping your non Insanity Mind flays. this is a nice DPS increase

Stat priority is again fine for your current gear level but changes when you get to a higher ilvl and also when you get the legendary meta gem.

Addons - always more personal preference but I would highly recommend:

Shadow Priest DOT Timer keeps track of dots orbs MB/SF Insanity on your current target with indications on the best time to refresh your dots for maximum dps.

Gnosis - Very useful to help with mind flay clipping

HaloPro - Shows a bar which changes color (green) when your at optimal range of your current target to get the most dps out of your halo

Sorry about the wall of text just wanted try give you a few pointers.

The other officers and the boss I expect will respond tommorrow with some comments and a decision on your application.

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#7579340 Mar 25, 2013 at 08:48 PM
Actually this will help me much in the future raiding with you or other guild so I will keep this on mind. Thanks alot about this.
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#7589867 Mar 27, 2013 at 09:23 PM
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Declined due to lack of gear.

We are in a situation with progress where we can't effort to boost people.
Feel free to reapply when your gear is fixed.

Best of luck.

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