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#7646039 Apr 09, 2013 at 02:30 AM
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Even though ive already spoken to you, I like to do things properly, as it seems everyone else has applied through here, here goes...

Empowered Application Form

• 1. IRL Info

a. First name: Andy
b. Nationality: English
c. Age: 26
d. About me: Work in a very busy restaurant in the city, as such I have a pretty hectic week, I like to play wow on my evenings off as I enjoy the game and its basically free :D

2. Character Info
a Name: Declaron
b Class: Hunter
c Race: Worgen
d Armory link:

3. Specs
Main specc: (explain why u have specced like u have in this talent tree)
Survival, I played Marks for all of Wrath (if you recall it was the only viable spec at the time), then played SV for all of Cata, switched to BM for 5.0 as it was substantially higher output and now its an almost level playing field I prefer to play SV, as you can see I am familiar with all 3 specs.

Off specc: (explain why u have specced like u have in this talent tree)
BM, obvious choice is obvious.

4. Glyphs

See armoury, "BiS" Glyphs essentially.

5. Rotation
What is your rotation, and why do u use it exactly?
a) Opener: Ss, Stamp, Crows, Rapid, Readiness, repeat...
b) Singletarget: Sting, BA, Ex, Arc/Cob depending on Focus, repeat...
c) Multi-target/aoe: Extrap, Multi, on LnL Ex, Ex, Ex 3 different targets.

6. Relevant addons for your role
Which addons do u use that helps you perform your role? (Dot tracker, hot tracker, cd tracker, etc etc etc) I dont particularly rely on that many now as things like spellflash etc are integrated nowadays, I use Needtoknow for CD timers though.

7. Stat priority
How do u prio stats from gear/enchants/gems?
Agi > Crit > Haste (Hit&Expertise are obviously always at cap or JUST UNDER cap (less than 0.05% chance to miss, mastery is very poor)

8. Professions
Empowered require raiders to have/get 2 max level professions that benefit their mainspec in raids.
Which professions do u have atm, and/or which profession will u adopt to better benefit your raid mainspec?
JC (+320 gems) and Alc (Double flask)

9. Raiding experience
Please see THIS forum post from my old, old guild website for my raiding history.

Following on from that...

Tier 13 was 5/8 @5% 6/8 @10% and 8/8 @15%.
Tier 14 we raided (as Titan) for MSV and HoF, the guild went into hiatus before the release of TOES, At this point in time we were 2/6MSVHC and 4/6HoF.

As of right NOW in line with this application I am..
All content prior to Wrath N/A (killed at over-level)
All Level 80, level 85 content killed at appropriate level, the majority pre-nerf.
Tier 14 5/6MSVHC, 6/6HoF, 4/4TES
Tier 15 6/12 (have experience of 9/12)

10. Guild history
Which guild(s) were u in? I have since Ulduar been GM of my own guilds, my first guild was Time & Patience on Bronzebeard, this then through a merger became The Midnight Guard, for cataclysm and with the slowly decaying populus on EU-Bronzebeard we guild realm transferred to Darksorrow, and renamed the guild Titan, then after failing to "get the engine going" as it were on returning after the Hiatus we merged into our sister spawn guild Beta Tested Your GF.

Why did u leave your last guild?
I didnt.

11. Why you?
What can we gain by having u as a member?
Mature, good fun, knows a fair bit about the game and can help with a lot of things, always keep my char in absolutely tip top condition, producing the best performance i can. Already raided with you guys today killing Durumu and Primordius, so most you guys have a rough idea of what im like and who i am :D

12. Raid times
Empowered raid 3 nights a week (monday -> Wednesday -> Sunday How many raids can you attend a week? Sometimes 3, sometimes potentially none, as was discussed with the officers/gm.

13. Activity/informing:
Its in empowered rules that u/we always inform on forum if we cant show on a raid day. If invited to the guild, will u always inform when u cant show on a raid day? Yes I can use the calendar to sign up and update my attendance at raids, mobile guildchat to communicate and can access the forum obviously from home or work on my mobile.

14. Your Empowered friends
Do u know anyone in Empowered who can attest to your skills?
The folks who were in the Durumu/Primordius kill today.

15. Additional information?
Additional information that u feel is relevant for the application.
I would really like to be part of a guild of people of a similar age to myself, and I really enjoyed my raid with you today as i found everyone to be of a sound mind and attitude, In addition I got locked into a position where I was being forced to lead raids or my guild would not raid, this obviously affected other peoples enjoyment of the game, after guildleading/raidleading for the last 3 years and having a massive change in irl commitments I want to be part of a team where I am not relied on 24/7 to do everything but CAN be relied on to be an effective part of the team both verbally and performance wise when in a raid environment.

16. UI picture
Link picture of your raid ui

17. Internet connection
Bandwidth, ping, lag probs, wow freezes, fps in raids?
As you can see on the screens, normally 40/40ms, got a self-built quadcore 4.2ghz, 8gb ram, 1GB Radeon 6670 (needs upgrading) so run on full ultra in a 10 man raid at around 40fps.

18. Preparation
How do you prepare for new raids/raid bosses that u havent killed before?
Videos/read tacs/watch streams/use common sense/the usual stuff experienced raiders do.

19. Behavior
we has some simple rules and codes of conduct. We expect all members to know of these rules, and to act accordingly. These are to make sure we all are on the same page, and that we don't offend ppl out of ignorance or spite. Also, how do u handle not getting invited to a raid?

No issue, I would expect as I do myself the RL to take the most appropriate group for the task at hand, and if that doesn't involve me its fine, I can always run my own Pug group or Altrun with guildies to catch up to our current level of progress allowing the maximum amount of people to raid and gear per lockout regardless of being in the main run or not. As I cannot attend every raid I would be a bit of a twat to demand a spot for those I can attend :)

20. World of logs
If u have world of logs link that shows your performance on some fights, plx link it here. Bit of a mash and somewhat outdated but here

21. Where did u hear that we are recruting?
(LFM forum, Darksorrow forum, trade chat, friend (who)?)
I simply asked after seeing a /2spam for a Ranged dps and joining your raid.

A good application will have much higher chance to merit an invitation.
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#7647285 Apr 09, 2013 at 09:32 AM
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Hello Andy.
Thanks alot for applying to Empowered.
As we spoke about last night, we are atm considering if we can offier you a stabil spot in our roster.
Nice to see you did put time in your application.

We'll get back to you as soon as possible ,


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#7662603 Apr 12, 2013 at 04:08 AM
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Can you let me know whats happening please, thanks in advance

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#7663362 Apr 12, 2013 at 08:52 AM
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Hey Andy
I'm sorry for such a late answer, but there has been alot going around.

After a long research ón how we can get a spot for you in the raid team, we sadly agreed that we can't give you a spot. Watching out dps roster, is filled with dedicated players who can't Be replaced.

I wish you the Best of luck finding a guild that suit your needs.

Kinky .
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#7676209 Apr 15, 2013 at 03:07 AM
Ok thats fine, as you might now im rather a "pugmaster", im currently in Final Evolution doing 25 man raids, its not my thing really but i kinda enjoy it, I pugged a 9/12 this week through freinds, Id still like to view myself a valuable asset to the team, but either way I cant promise any attendance and i believe thats what you want.

Thanks anyway, im always available on RealId for progress if you need decent people, once again thanks for your time cheers x
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