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#7684974 Apr 16, 2013 at 07:32 PM
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• 1. IRL Info

a. First name: Andreas Lejon
b. Nationality: Chinese
c. Age: 19
d. About me: Student from China,now study in Spain. Have played Wow in china for 2 years although once i was a mage.Want to become a real tank in the team and for the team.

2. Character Info
a Name: Valentino
b Class: Paladin
c Race: Human
d Armory link:

3. Specs
Main specc: Protection.

Off specc: Retribution.

4. Glyphs
Major: Glyph of the Alabaster Shield, Glyph of Consecration, Glyph of Divine Protection
Minor: Glyph of Righteous Retreat, Glyph of the Falling Avenger
5. Rotation
What is your rotation, and why do u use it exactly?
a) Opener: Judgement/AS
b) Singletarget: Crusader strike, Judgement, Concecration,Shield of Righteous, holy wrath
c) Multi-target/aoe: Hammer of the Righteous instead of Crusader strike and Light's hammer
6. Relevant addons for your role.
don't understand

7. Stat priority. hit/expertise is the first Melee 7.5%hit:2550 and 15%expertise:4760 . Mastery is the second. Stamina should be needed, then the last is parry and dodge. i don't care much haste.
8. effort

9. Raiding experience
Killed in Vanilla (@60): No
Tbc @ 70: No
Wotlk/ICC @ 80: Finished with my chinese brothers and sisters in the guide.
Cataclysm experience @85: Finished with my chinese brothers and sisters in the guide.
Current MoP experience: That time try to move to Spain

10. Guild history: From i came to europe ,still no find a fixed guied yet.

11. Prefer to the raid-ways in China,always improve the tacts of the boss from my chinese old friend.

12. Raid times.almost everynight after 8pm.i'm in Spain.
13. Activity/informing:

14. Your Empowered friends

15. Additional information?

16. UI picture

17. Internet connection
100/100 fiber, ping around 80,
18. Preparation

19. Behavior
Like to raid even in the old times i'm a PVP player.Failed is just a new start.
20. World of logs
don't have. but i have it chinses.
21. Where did u hear that we are recruting?
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#7684977 Apr 16, 2013 at 07:32 PM
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Moved above as it was added to someone else's application
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#7686246 Apr 16, 2013 at 11:39 PM · Edited over 6 years ago
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Hi Andreas,

Thanks for posting up your application for the tank position. At the moment we have to decline your application, mainly due to the fact that our tank positions are currently being trialled with a full roaster and your application failed to meet our expectations. Best luck in the future with your raiding!
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