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#7707889 Apr 21, 2013 at 10:31 AM
• 1. IRL Info

a. First name: Andreas Lejon
b. Nationality: Sweden
c. Age: 16
d. About me: A social and kind guy who is looking for a guild that I can raid and have fun with

2. Character Info
a Name: Puffshroom
b Class: Paladin
c Race: Human
d Armory link:

3. Specs
Main specc: Protection. I played a druid in WotLK, but I got super duper tired of waiting 20-30 minutes for a simple heroic. I had leveled a protection paladin to 65 with my friend, so i decided to get that to 80 and get heroics fast, and then I fell in love with the tanking ways, so here I am today.

Off specc: Holy these days. Have 446 ilvl, but gearing.

4. Glyphs
Major: Alabaster shield. Since I use a very heavy block build, this was a pretty obvious glyph. Glyph of hammer of the Righteous. This to make sure that i dont have to use Hammer of the Righteous so often, since crusader strike deals more damage. Glyph of Devine Protection. Since many of the fights have been heavy physical damage, this glyph is great.
Minor: Since these are only for show, i use the bladed judgement, righteous retreat and seal of blood.

5. Rotation
What is your rotation, and why do u use it exactly?
a) Opener: Judgement/Avengers Shield
b) Singletarget: Crusader strike, Judgement, Concecration, Execution Sentence, Holy Wrath
c) Multi-target/aoe:Same, but I use HotR instead of Crusader strike
6. Relevant addons for your role. Omen, but that is about it.

7. Stat priority. Mastery and parry are always my priorities. Stamina is obviously on every gearpiece, but I also try to get hit/expertise cap.

8. Professions. I am currently maxed out in Herbalism and mining, but just tell me what you need me to be, and ill fix it ASAP

9. Raiding experience
Killed in Vanilla (@60): Nada
Tbc @ 70: Nada
Wotlk/ICC @ 80: Pretty much on my old druid and paladin. sold the paladin account, but my druid s armory is here (havent gotten him to 90 though)
Cataclysm experience @85: Very much, have cleared everything but totfw on the paladin, and i also killed deathwing prenerf.
Current MoP experience: A little bit, MSV, a few bosses in both HoF and ToES and 2 bosses in ToT

10. Guild history. New wórld order. I left because they got a new tank, and my role just went away.

11. I am a social and kind person, I always bring flasks, I am 110 % attendant, I always read new tacts and reherse my rotation. I also check the mmo-champions forums for what to build on my tank.

12. Raid times. Everyone, as long as i dont have any huge exam coming up (im studying science) and as long as you dont raid any later then 11.

13. Activity/informing:
If I for some reason cant attend, i wall always make sure to let an officer know.

14. Your Empowered friends
Your dear leader Sheldór did I raid with in Cata, Also Yashid, Mech and Skyehawk are old guildies from Cata

15. Additional information?
Not much really, have a couple of national tests coming up, so will maybe study for those a bit, but that is about it

16. UI picture

17. Internet connection
100/100 fiber, i am pinging around 30-40, and I sometimes have probs with disconnects, but that is rare

18. Preparation

19. Behavior
If you do not need me to raid, then it is not the end of the world. I am an adaptable person, so I will do what is best for the guild.

20. World of logs

Have tried to use it, but I dont really know how. I´m trying to learn it!

21. Where did u hear that we are recruting?
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#7708431 Apr 21, 2013 at 02:03 PM
Guild Leader
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Hi Andreas,

I was surprised to see your application actually, I was part of your Terrace run the other day with Vettigventje. Good tanking skills from what I remember of the run, overall nice application. At the moment we are in need of a tank to fill the last slot in our 2nd raiding team and a paladin would be ideal. I'll have a chat with Sheldor about your application and we'll get back to you ASAP!
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