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a. First name
b. Nationality:
c. What is your age in real life:
d. What interests do you have / activities do you like to do outside of WoW:
Hang out with friends and enjoy life.
e. Are you offended by mature language or off-color jokes:
f. Do you respect each player regardless of age, race and gender:
2. Basic Character Info

a. What is your Character Name / Race / Class / Realm:
b. Current gear item lvl:
c. Armory link:
d. Are you the original account owner:
e. Is this your main character? If not, do you intend to give this character much play time:
It haven't been my main within PvE in earlier expansions but for now it is. I can give it as much play-time that it require.

3. Spec & Character

a. List here your class STAT priority (hit/agi/int/spirit etc.):
b. Explain the choices for your MAIN SPEC talent tree:
Tier 15 - Blazing speed, I took it to easier move out of stuff and to also reach positions (If you have to stack up fast etc)
Tier 30 - Ice Barrier, because its a good survival ability that help me and healers.
Tier 45 - Ring of frost, If CC is needed then I can place it whereever i want.
Tier 60 - Cauterize, a great defensive that would save my life in situations where I would die.
Tier 75 -Frost Bomb, on this tier i swap depending on the fight. On single target I use frost bomb while on several targets I use Nether tempest for maximum dmg.
Tier 90 - Rune of Power, I belivie that a 15% increased spell dmg is superior to the other talents on that tier since this is a buff I can have at all times.

c. Explain the choices for your OFFSPEC talent tree:
Tier 15 - Presence of Mind, to increase dmg during fights
Tier 30 - Ice Barrier, because its a good survival ability that help me and healers.
Tier 45 - Ring of frost, If CC is needed then I can place it whereever i want.
Tier 60 - Cauterize, a great defensive that would save my life in situations where I would die.
Tier 75 - Nether tempest, its the one talent that I get the most dmg out of since Living/frost bomb is for no use as an Arcane mage.
Tier 90 -Rune of Power, I belivie that a 15% increased spell dmg is superior to the other talents on that tier since this is a buff I can have at all times.

d. What is your current OFFSPEC item level:
e. What do you think the strengths and weaknesses of your class are:
I would say the strengths of mages is that they have a strong burst and also a very good aoe. Its a stabil class that I feel I have controll over when it comes to do dmg. The weaknesses is that its a caster class. A caster class dmg require that you can freecast to be able to make your dmg as good as possible.
f. Please explain any problems with your current gear (missing or incorrect gems/enchants etc.):
My current gear have a few PvP items due to I've haven't done much raiding this expansion (I've been in a PvP guild) and to join bugs isent always a good idea, I've also had some minor unluck in drops from LFR. Otherwise I have no problems
g. Do you use consumables in raids, if so state which:
I use flasks (Flask of the warm sun) but normally I dont carry my own food since most of the times people put out feasts (If needed to bring own food = no complains!)
h. All members are expected to pay for their own repairs and make/buy their own consumables. Is this something you can manage while learning a new instance:
If the questions is about gold and time then that wont be any problem. I have enough for all problems that you can give me.

4. Professions
Enchanting (Max skilled) and Mining (Max skilled) but thinking to change mining to Engineering.

a. Profession 1 (reason for choosing):
Enchanting, to make enchants to me/friends without have to pay extra.
b. Profession 2 (reason for choosing):
Mining, to have some kind of money in-come.
c. What level are your secondary professions? (First Aid, Fishing, Cooking):
Fishing - 140
First Aid - 225

5. Raiding & Experience

a. Why do you want to raid:
I wanna raid because I love the challanges, it bring me joy to succe in something many people haven't. I also like to have goals to aim for, it might take alot of wipes and time but its something I still enjoy.

b. Vanilla experience @ 60:
Nothing in PvE
c. TBC experience @ 70:
Nothing in Pve
d. WOTLK/ICC experience @ 80:
I started raiding in WotLK in ICC where I mostly made pugs, I managed to down all bosses exept LK on Normal.
e. Cataclysm experience @ 85:
In Cataclysm first patch I dident do much PvE but on 4.2 I Cleared all Content on normal exept Ragnaros in Firelands. Later on to 4.3 I cleared DS 8/8 on Heroic and had it on farm, I had 406 Ilvl.
f. Current MoP experience:
I raided for just a few weeks in the start of MoP, I killed 4/6 in MSV (was really close to kill Elegon), after that my guild stopped and I joined friends for PvP.

g. How do you typically prepare for bosses you haven’t encountered before:
I look up tacts, normally videos and look with G-leaders to see if they have any tacts they think the group should do.
h. Can you handle constructive criticism:
Yes I can, since criticism is something that can help me improve my gameplay.
i. What’s your favorite raiding encounter:
My favorite encaunter is Lich King since this is a fight that combine the game with the lore, and I love the lore. To fight Arthas alone, the one and mighty lich king for the first time was just awesome because that is a REAL boss fight.
j. Any current WORLD OF LOGS report can be pasted here (optional):
k. Post a link to your current UI (optional):
l. List any addon's you use (optional):
DBM - Needed for doing good in raids
Recount - Not needed but it helps me keep motivated to try to do better then others!
Otherwise I dont use much addons since I think my way of playing works fine, but I dont mind any tip to improve :)

6. Guild History

a. What is your previous guild history, and why did you leave those guilds:
Most of my time I've been in casual guilds where not much have happend. In Cataclysm I joined a guild where my raiding started to get seriously (cant remember name of guild but was on server - Moonglade). After that I joined a PvE guild named Giddyup on Darksorrow Horde where I made big progress in DS and some in MoP. Since that I just been in a PvP named Rainbow Unicorns. The biggest reason for leaving those guilds was that alot of people stopped playing so things got boring.
b. What do you expect from joining a guild:
What I exept most is that it will be fun but on a level that people stil wanna do progress. It should be very social within it and you should after some time feel like a part of a family :)
c. What do you feel you can bring to Empowered as a member:
If I get the chance to join I would bring you a happy motivated player that helps out with whatever I can, from everything from helping alts to make progression in raiding.
d. How did you find our guild:
I found it by the trade chat of a player named Sheldór.
e. Is there anyone you have played with or who can vouch for you from Empowered:
No I have not played with anyone, my only contact is by Sheldór but thats just to make this applications.

7. Raid Schedule:

Empowered raid WENESDAY, SUNDAY and MONDAY @ 19:45 - 23:00

a. Are you punctual and on time every raid:
If I have sign up for a event I have always be there in time.
b. Is there anything that would affect your availability:
(this can include Work/Class schedule, Baby due in 3 months etc.)
No, not really. But there can always come up things like "dinner" in those times. but it shoulden't be any problems when it comes to school/work.
c. Is there any days you are unable to attend raids:
No, I can pretty much raid any days.
d. If you are unable to attend raids what do you do:
If something pops up so I can attend to a raid I would always try to contact the group and hope that a solution can be made.

8. Internet connection & Communication

a. Do you have problems with lag, low ping, or random disconnects:
I used to have problems with it (random dc) but not anymore since I got a new internet.
b. Do you own a working mic:
c. How important is communication during raids for you:
Its a big part of raiding since every thing you do and say can be important to others.
9. Getting to Know you
(This section is optional & all applicants may choose to answer these questions to help the selection process)

a. Who is your Favorite Super Hero or Villain:
Ooh jesus.....thats nothing I normally think of but If i have to pick It would be Ironman because hes just awesome - rich and a playboy doing whatever he wants.
b. Favorite Movie Quote, Go!:
"Say hello to my little friend!" otherwise "LEEEEEEEROY JENKINS" if it counts :P
c. Ninjas or Pirates:
pff Ninjas obviously........
d. Jedi or Sith:
Sith, shooting lightning and shit
e. What is your greatest WoW achievement:
I guess it must be "Why? Because it's Red", I have no clue whats so special about the color red, but that achievement always makes me smile and get happy and reminds me why I like this game.
f. List 3 words that best describe you:
Awesome, funny, Kind
g. If you were an animal what would you be:
Nyan Cat (nanaanannanana) but a real animal I think I would be a Dog (Can do whatever I want and I will always be cute)
h. Any further comments:
Nope, exept I hope you find me a person that you would like to have in the guild :)

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