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[ACCEPTED] - Hpally

• 1. IRL Infoa. First name: Charlieb. Nationality: Swedenc. Age: 20d. About me: a calm wow player2. Character Info a Name: Hansanb Class: Paladinc Race: Humand Armory link: Specs Mai...
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Hansan4475Small Kinkydruid 5y
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• 1. IRL Infoa. First name: Sahebb. Nationality: Saudic. Age: 29d. About me: I love my family .2. Character Info a Name: Sahebb Class: Paladinc Race: Humand Armory link: Specs Main sp...
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Saheb4546Member avatar small Saheb 5y
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[ACCEPTED] Hunter Application

a. First name: Chib. Nationality: Britishc. Age: 39d. About me: Travel around freqently and Wowing from hotels.2. Character Info a Name: Skyehawkb Class: Hunterc Race: Night Elfd Armory link:
Member avatar small Skyehawk 5y
Skyehawk3419Small Kinkydruid 5y
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[ACCEPTED] Warrior tank

a. First name: Kjellb. Nationality: Norwayc. Age: 21d. About me: Im a guy from norway, who likes to do as little as possible. i work with fiber optics, aaand i live with my two cats!2. Character Info a Name: Kongkomleb Class: warriorc Race: gnome...
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Kongkomle3305Small Kinkydruid 5y
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• 1. IRL Infoa. First name: Jamesb. Nationality: Britishc. Age: 17d. About me: currently in collage, like to go out with mates and play games in my free time, and raid when i can :)2. Character Info a Name: Mechb Class: Death Knightc Race: Human (...
Member avatar small Mech 5y
Mech3409Small Kinkydruid 5y
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[ACCEPTED] Sheldór - Holy Priest

IRL InfoFirst name: ChrisNationality: BritishAge: 24About me: Well what to say I'm currently working at a company called Remsdaq as a Senior Software Engineer working on access control systems, I live with my fiancé Laura (hope that's the right on...
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Sheldór3302Member avatar small Sheldór 5y
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[DECLINED] Mage fire ITLV 485

• 1. IRL Infoa. First name: Thomas b. Nationality: Sanishc. Age: 41d. About me: raider 2. Character Info magea Name: bimsetroldb Class: mage c Race: humand Armory link: 3. Specs fire /arcaneMain specc: (explain why u have specced like u have in th...
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Bimsetrold 2257Small Kinkydruid 5y
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[ACCEPTED] Guardian tank - Títjob

• 1. IRL Infoa. First name: Nikob. Nationality: Finlandc. Age: 21d. About me: Basic finnish guy who loves to drink beer, sauna, play world of warcraft and have fun. I am currently unemployed so my attendance will be 100% at the raids.2. Character ...
Member avatar small Títjob 5y
Títjob4411Small Kinkydruid 5y
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[ACCEPTED] Apply as healer

• 1. IRL Infoa. First name: Niclasb. Nationality: Swedishc. Age: 23d. About me: I'm social and mature in my online actions. Love the game and all that comes with it. Maybe except the farming parts ;)2. Character Info a Name: Lithuxb Class: Monk He...
Member avatar small Lithux 5y
Lithux11511Small Wingria 5y
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[ACCEPTED] Thammy - Hunter application

a. First name: Mortenb. Nationality: Denmarkc. Age: 42d. About me: merried, 4 kids, 3 living at home, without job atm2. Character Info a Name: Thammyb Class: most fo the time in raid, Suv,, but some bosses is better with BM,but know my class, and ...
Member avatar small Thammy 5y
Thammy2201Small Kinkydruid 5y
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[ACCEPTED] Sayormo - Protection Warrior Application

Hey there, Empowered Members and Officers that Guildmaster!I am here to attend with you in raiding core and etc. So shall we begin with the application? Enjoy with reading.1. IRL Infoa. First name: Mirob. Nationality: Finnishc. Age: 22d. About me:...
Small Sayormo 5y
Sayormo4610Small Sayormo 5y
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[DECLINED] Deathreaper apply

Section 1 First name: Andreas Character name: DeáthreaperRace/ Class: Age: 17 Country: Cyprus Server: Darksorrow Time Played: Total Time Played 60 days and Time Played this level 9 days and 23 hoursSection 2 Briefly describe y...
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deathreaper5423Small Kinkydruid 5y
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[ACCEPTED] Habeebar Warrior - Application

Dear guildmaster of Empowered!I am an 18 year-old student from Sweden who's looking for a new guild to start raiding. I have experience from medium core progression raiding in Cataclysm. But when basically all my friends quit playing I did too for...
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Habeebar9472Small Kinkydruid 5y
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[ACCEPTED] Navle - Rogue Application

• 1. IRL infoa. First name:Danielb. Nationality:Norwayc. Age:17d. About me:I go to high school first tirm2. Character Infoa Name:Navleb Class:roguec Race:human womand Armory link:[/url]3...
Small navle 5y
navle6399Small Kinkydruid 5y
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[ACCEPTED] Pameron's Application

Section 1First name: AnılCharacter name: PameronRace/Class: Dran/RetriAge: 19Country: TurkeyServer: DarksorrowTime Played: 20 per week.Section 2raiding experience: 6/6 mov 2/6 hof @3rd one wiped @ %0.2 cause of guild.Current guild and reason for l...
Small pameron 5y
pameron5358Small Kinkydruid 5y